Thank you for being here!

Well I guess this is the place where I tell you a bit more about who I am and what French Mango is all about, right?

I am Peggy, I am French and I have been an expat for most of my adult life. First, for 13 years in the UK where I met my husband and now in the suburbs of Chicago where we moved to in Aug 2014.

Together we have 2 boys born in 2007 and 2008. God that seems like forever ago!

The picture above is us. I imagine you guessed, but you know…

French Mango is about building a creative business… 

When I was little I have spent endless hours of my Summers engrossed in embroidery. Back, stem, running, cross stitch, you name them. I loved it.

Then as I grew into a “cool” young adult I thought it was time to leave this skill to the grannies…

Here I am a few good years later and after taking a creative sabbatical that you can read more about it here, I totally fell in love with it again.

Suddenly I had found a way to use my designing skills and translate them into unique pieces. My crowned animal series is growing slowly and so far they have been my favorite things to design and make.

Just recently I have wanted to share this with other hand embroidery enthusiasts and I have launched the Hoop Club which is the way I have found to connect with them.

Each month I design a new piece in the shape of a beautiful quote or an illustration and I make it available for free for my members only and for the length of that month, until a new one is released.

You can join us by filling in the form at the bottom of this page, I would love you to!

Building a creative business is fun and challenging. THIS blog is about this too.

But French Mango is also about a personal journey… 

We bought a house in the Summer and as a result made ourselves a little bit more established in the USA.

Life here is fun. It has its ups and downs but we all know it is everywhere the same and you know what they say “the grass is not greener…”

The things I love about living in the US are: the friends we have met, never ever struggling to find a car parking space, real beautiful Summers, gorgeously ripe avocados, washing machines and driers that make your clothes ready to wear again in under 2 hours, Door County, Autumn (Oh my God Midwest you win big time at Autumn!), Starbucks drive through, cinema diners, pumpkin patches, cinnamon everything, Halloween, Thanksgiving, ok I could go on…

There are tons of perks with living in this country but food isn’t one. Don’t judge! I told you I am French, so I decide I can judge food!

This blog is telling that journey.

Please connect with me either with joining the Hoop Club, following me on Instagram or on Facebook.

Let’s share a bit of our journey together, I would love to!