Hello, I am Peggy! Embroidery Artist, Blogger, Mum of two boys, French, in love with a Brit and living in Chicagoland.

Welcome to French Mango!

In 2014, after 13 years of living in the suburbs of London (having moved from France), we found ourselves packing our life into boxes to move to the suburbs of Chicago.

My life, as in my personal life, as an individual, was turned upside down. I left my growing business as a Social Media Marketing Consultant and all in a sudden I found myself facing the fears, but also the excitement that come with starting all over again.

It was a slow process but it brought me here today. Through this upheaval I reconnected with Embroidery that had been a huge part of my days as a child growing up and then as a young mum. I sort of neglected it in my young adult days (that was so uncool…). That time of my life when everything as I knew got shaken and crumbled up has allowed me to discover that creativity is as important to me and my personal wellbeing as a good walk in the fresh air and eating less chocolate. This is a part of me that deserves care and being honored for what it is.

What started as a selfish pleasure, became my way of connecting to a larger community. A community that shares the same needs and passion and suddenly the world has become a wonderful playground.

So here you are, welcome to my world filled with colors, art, creativity. Have a browse around and learn Embroidery with me, practice with free downloadable patterns, buy patterns and kits or simply sip your favorite drink while reading my reflections on life, the good, the bad and the ugly…

Thank you for being here!