And now he is 7…

Feb 5, 2014 | Life

E turned 7 years old yesterday and I sometime look at him and feel I don’t know him anymore. Yet we are so alike. We are both independent, sometime short tempered, stubborn and grumpy.

We withdraw within ourselves when we are sad, tired or not in a good mood…

7th Bday Cake

But what I admire most about my child, my baby, is his ability to take on a challenge and try his best at whatever he does. He will spend hours perfecting what he has decided to do whether it is building a cardboard house, writing a few lines for school, swimming or learning to skateboard.

He dedicates himself to the task and won’t let anyone or anything distract him. I wish I had a bit of that because this has surely nothing to do with me.

He loves school and learning. He is such a hard worker.

E 7th Birthday

He has the best sense of humour and he is caring and generous. He is a brilliant big brother always supportive and aware of what others feel.

He doesn’t like cuddles or kisses but if I insist he will give me a quick hug. If sometimes he allows me to hold him a little longer and a little tighter it is because that’s what he wants. He is in charge.

I am so proud of him and I hope he knows it, as well as how much I love him…


    • Thank you Jen, there is certainly nothing baby like left about him… x