Frozen, our review

Feb 18, 2014 | Embroidery

Do you want to build a showman… Have you seen Frozen? If you have, then you know exactly what this is all about! The boys and I have been singing the soundtrack over and over for weeks now! Well one of my boys and I really, the other one thinks he is too cool to sing in front of Mummy so he prefers to hide and sing anyway.




Just a week ago I felt that we were the only family left on this earth who hadn’t seen Frozen. And then pop in my inbox an invitation to attend an exclusive screening of the singalong version in a swanky hotel of Soho, followed by a Q&A with the Co-Writers and Directors Jennifer Lee and Chris Bucks.
This was perfect timing, with E’s birthday the following day and C off for the day we decided to make it a big day out in the big smoke.

And it was following a game of UNO in the train, a visit to the Science Museum and a lunch at Pizza Express that we arrived at the hotel to enjoy some yummy cupcakes and a good chat with my lovely blogging friends, Lizzie of Mummy in Manolos (by the way you HAVE to check her review, Lizzie is an amazing illustrator and you have to see her illustration of Elsa) and Jacqui of Mummy’s Little Monkey.

Frozen is love story but between two sisters. Forget Prince Charming who saves the princess, these two strong female characters are in charge. And they are complex and fascinating characters.

You can’t help but love both of them. Anna is sweet, strong, funny, full of patience and tolerance for a sister who rejects her. Elsa is tormented, fragile, builds a protective ice tower around her. She wants to love and be loved but she is scared to give into these feelings and by doing so harm, the ones around her and especially her sister.

I am not sure what makes Frozen so special but it is, and I believe it is because of these two strong female characters.

Can I recommend you and everyone else to see it? YES! absolutely yes. You can purchase your copy of Frozen following this link.

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  1. Hello there, my little boy has just turned three and watched it with his grandparents last week-he really enjoyed it but keeps asking me to tell him the story so I’ll have to watch it too! He also loves the Science Museum and can’t wait to go back! Glad you had a good time xxx