Oh the excitement of being 6!

Jul 9, 2014 | Life

And so my little minx
Today you are finally six
And there could be no better things in life
Than the joy of no longer being five


Your world is made of pirates and spies
Mine is one where I sometime have to tell you porky pies
Like the one where I say that I am as excited as you
To see you rush through the years as quickly as you do


My boy with sweet big blue eyes
The sunshine that brightens up my sky
My handsome clever bunny
I am ever so proud to be your mummy


Keep learning and loving life the way you do
Because it has so much waiting for you
And as for us there are no bigger joy
Than watching you turn into this awesome boy

Happy 6th Birthday my gorgeous V!


  1. Six just seems SO grown up! What a gorgeous boy! x