I have spent the last few days with my sister and nephew and it has been awesome.
We have been miles apart for such a long time now that it is starting to really hit us how different our lives have become. I am feeling very grateful that it hasn’t separated us even if at times it makes it hard to understand each other.

Only the Channel seperates our two countries (and there will be an ocean soon) but this is enough to make us feel very different. Sometimes it takes a lot patience and tolerance for both of us to not blow fire in each others face but with age comes wisdom and we are becoming rather good at holding it together.

Thankfully what there is most of when we are together are secrets shared, laughter and silliness. It never takes us very much to go back to being teenagers doing each others hair, pinching makeup, painting nails and swapping shoes and handbags.

The new distance will be feeling huge at times but hopefully we will be able to visit each other regularly.