This is it, 8 more sleeps and we will be flying towards our new beginnings. New house, new furniture, new cars, new phone numbers (after 13 yrs of having the same one)… new lifestyle, new adventures…

If it wasn’t for the sheer exhaustion I would tell you that I am doing quite OK. I do have moments when I feel crushed by the anxiety of leaving behind the people I have been the closest to for the last 14 years but generally I am quite serene.

This is the final mountain to climb and the hardest. Dealing with contract termination of all sorts, even the ones you didn’t think about but obviously count. Talking to way too many call centers and people not really listening to you but reading a script. Emptying our house of the junk accumulated over the years (do you realise how much useless junk you have in your loft until you have to move?!). All this is exhausting.

And there’s the impression that our family is functioning based on a very precise list of bullet point “I do this while you do that, then we report to each other at dinner time”. Arguments flying over the silliest of details. Energy completely wasted in useless arguments, but so necessary because sometime you just want and need to shout it ALL out!

We are nearly there, we have a flight, a house, amazing friends waiting, we have each other.

8 more sleeps!