Nearly two weeks on. WOW, two weeks! That means two weeks closer to being reunited with the rest of our belongings, but that’s another matter…

I know that I have sounded a bit lame in the last couple of posts but really we are super happy to be living here. Of course there are and there will always be some things missing of the picture but I want this adventure to be about all the new stuff we are going to enjoy or have the patience to learn to love with time.


So far there are many things that I love about being here, one of them being our new routine.

In the UK it felt like we barely saw each other. C would leave at the crack of dawn for work and not return before late. We rarely had dinner together let alone breakfast.

Now, we share breakfast and chat. C doesn’t leave until the boys do. The boys return from school early enough for us to have an afternoon together, walk the dog, take a snack, do homework (more on that one coming…). C returns home still early enough to have time with the boys while I prepare dinner and we all sit together again.

I simply adore this new routine. Like the lovely Metropolitan Mum describes her new life in Sweden it is like we have gained a few hours in the day.


I love the fact that I can look outside my window and see rabbits and squirrels eating apples and so does the dog actually. He spends his life staring at the same window, all day. Until he gets so wound up that he collapses in deep sleep.

dog staring at the window

I love our house. I truly do and I can’t believe our luck to have found such a nice spacious house, in such a lovely street, with many lovely neighbors, so close to the school, town and C’s work.

dog walk

We will never stop being grateful for our friends, Gill and Paul who helped us find this house, build our furniture, looked after our boys for almost a WHOLE day while we bought the whole of our local IKEA, fed us, poured us wine and introduced us to their friends.


On other notes, I love those perfectly ripe avocados, the fact that I find Dijon Mustard and Patak Korma sauce at our local supermarket and I have managed to find some real, tasty cheddar at Costco!

I love my new oven. All the appliances in this house look dated but boy do they do the job well! My oven took the cake test yesterday and it passed it with honors.

I love our laundry shoot (or chute)! This is the best thing ever. We don’t need laundry baskets around the house. At the end of the day, dirty laundry goes down the hole and in the morning I go to the laundry room in the basement and all I do is wash and dry! And dry to such perfection that all I have to do is fold.
I look like that mum in all these American films walking around with the laundry basket and who folds eternally. You know who I mean if like me you have been brought up watching way too many American TV series.

Overall I love the lifestyle, the peaceful serenity here, in our street. It is green, clean, extremely well looked after and dog walking equals to my daily meditation at the moment.

We feel very lucky…