It’s been a while…

Nov 7, 2014 | Expat Living, Life

As we are just entering our 3rd month here in the US I thought I should really take some time to report on the latest…

My last entry was near the end of September and that seems so long ago.

Since then, the weather has changed, the trees have lost their leaves and the squirrels have gone HUGE! No kidding, some of them could roll.

In a funny kind of way I have never felt so close to nature and to season changes than since we have moved here. Being able to watch animals prepare to hibernate and catch the glimpse of a bird of prey flying away with a “prey” still alive and squeaking, makes me feel like I could be living in the heart of the country.

I feel connected.

But then maybe it is because I am connected?

In the last few weeks I have meditated everyday. I have reviewed my plans. I have reconnected with who I am, what I want and why I want it.

I have worked with a great mentor who has managed to bring out the best out of me and who has made me make decisions which I feel will impact me for years to come.

I have spent hours in silence planning, dreaming and simply de-cluttering that part of my brain and emotions that needed it the most.

We have all been feeling a little homesick in the last few weeks. I am not sure if it is really homesick that I have been feeling personally, I think it is more nostalgic. I miss London and a bunch of rather awesome people there, but thank goodness for whatsapp and skype!

E and V are doing amazingly well at school. They seemed to be a lot more challenged here than they were in the UK and even if I started being quite worried with the amount of homework (every night for at least 20 min) they have adapted so well, I am amazed by it.


Halloween, as expected, was quite fun. They really know how to fully embrace it. Included the grumpy school bus driver was dressed up and looked even grumpier and scarier than in normal circumstances. Hats off to her!


Food has been a big issue in the last few weeks if I am being totally honest. Years of French food has spoiled me and never prepared me for what I am having to face here… I am spending hours in food aisles trying to find stuff without MSG, antibiotics, which is grass fed, not saturated in corn syrup, you name it. I have turned into an organic-meditating-hippy. Not yet a yogi but who knows…

I still love their avocados though. Avocado rule my world at the moment. Thank God for avocados!

C finally purchased the bread maker he has been pinning for for weeks. Hallelujah! He has fresh bread not made with milk or egg and I have peace.

I know I am crazy and will regret saying this at some point but I am looking forward to snow! We had our first big snow flakes on Halloween morning and it was very exciting. I will hate having said this in the heart of the Winter but let me indulge in it for now.

Thanksgiving is round the corner and giant inflatable turkeys have started to sprout in gardens, replacing pumpkins and evil clowns. I guess that the minute the turkeys deflate the giant Santas will appear and everything will turn glittery, red, gold and green.

Last but not least for now: we are finally going to have our stuff delivered on Monday! Saying that I cannot wait is an understatement.


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