A well overdue update and a night at the Chicago Bulls

Mar 3, 2015 | Life

It has been a pretty crazy last couple of months emotionally. We have all decided we didn’t like Christmas here and felt like throwing our homesickness all over the flour. One after the other. It was tough and not pretty because it is normally a lot easier when you take it in turn. There were tears and a lot of rejection for what is right now, our new home.

But then we pulled up our big pants, decided to act like troupers and made it happen.

Now on the first week of March things are brightening up. Well apart from the weather. It snowed again last night but then that seems to be a pretty normal occurrence.

The cold is far worse than the snow. It means that you live “indoors” and that also means that everything like getting ready for a dog walk turns you into a “walking sleeping bag” look alike. I am very much done with this now!

Thank goodness we have the holiday to look forward to, where I have been promised warmth, sun and flip flops.

On another very fun note we attended a game of the Chicago Bulls on Friday night and to say that I loved it is an understatement. This is the only other sport, aside of tennis, that I loved watching. Or put it differently, this is a sport that my brain gets. I didn’t feel like asking every 5 minutes “what’s going on?”.

Run, push some guys out of the way, protect your hoop, mark in the opposite hoop, points, done! This is Basketball as I see it, and that is fine by me. I still need to work on the rest. Like when the man in black whistles.

On another note, my love for Tennis grew while watching Yannick Noah play. He was amazing, not only talented but a real showman. And guess who plays for the Bulls, his son Joachim Noah. So I felt connected. You know, like him and I had something in common… Humm…

Anyway, the night was great. We were in the hospitality Suite and we even have a special door to enter. The door 2 1/2, a bit Harry Potter style. This is the secret door, only the chosen ones know about… The boys behaved perfectly. Well, there was the odd moments when they both, on separate occasion knocked their orange juice over themselves and that moment when one of them knocked his popcorn all over the head of a poor bloke sitting just the seat under us… Oopsy… But there was wine on tap, so we just laughed it off.

There are these moments, when you live in the USA, when you sometimes feel like you are living in a movie. That night was one of them.

The show is amazing. Totally amazing. I will go back anytime, well if we get the hospitality seats again that is.

The Look Alike Camera – looking for people looking like the Save by the Bell Cast

They lost interest…

The weather, as you would expect… THIS is Fahrenheit and THIS was/is cold!


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