Here we start the longest Summer holidays they have ever had…

Jun 3, 2015 | Life

The boys had their last day at school yesterday and both came home with a really exciting promotion. They are no longer 1st and 2nd graders but 2nd and 3rd graders and that was definitely a highlight. This is a funny concept for me, in France we were “promoted” on the first day of school in September, not on the last day of June, but I get it. It really adds to the excitement and celebrates their achievements.

Talking about celebrations, that is one thing I truly love here, how Americans celebrate milestones.  Like when the school bus turned up for the last time until the end of August and the parents attacked the kids with those string sprays! What a great way for parents to show and share the kids excitements of the last day of school.

last day of school

Photo Credit to my lovely neighbor Melissa (thanks again!)

I guess my two were done with the fun though because the string sprays caused extreme grumpiness and oh my god, how moody were they?! They literally argued, bickered and fought all afternoon.

But today is a new day and the very first one of holidays, which coincides with our 9th wedding anniversary so we kicked it off with a visit to the Tax Office and that was

So, we are going to spend 78 days of Summer together. I am equally very excited and a little apprehensive but I have started my Summer 2015 bucket list and that makes me feel a bit more in control.

This is how it goes

Learn to tie shoe laces

Nurture the boys initiative to accomplish daily tasks such as making bed or choosing their own clothes. I am terrible at letting them choose their own clothes and hyperventilate if colors or style are not coordinated. So this Summer we will start learning color and style matching which is a skill that will take them far in life.

Let them cook a meal. OK, in all honesty, this might not happen, I think I am too much of a control freak to allow such a thing…

Start a French Club. It is about time we structure our French lessons (i.e. start establishing French lessons)

Find sandy beaches by the lake

Celebrate our first 4th of July with the arrival of my mum for a whole month!

Organise a mini road trip and sleep in a log cabin

Allow the boys to use our old DSLR and show them how

Eat a real Chicago pizza in Downtown Chicago

Go to the Planetarium

Go to a water park

Visit the library weekly

Have playdates and coffee mornings

Go to the Zoo

Use our gym outdoor pool as often as possible

Find out about our local birds and try and recognize them when we hear them in our back garden trees

Have water fights

Visit Naper Settlement

Spend a few afternoons at Centennial Beach

Have picnics in our local forest preserves

Draw, Paint and write stories

Visit the Morton Arboretum

Go to a drive in cinema and eat popcorn in the car

Write a diary everyday about our holidays

Post a daily picture to document and treasure our very first long Summer called 78 Days of Summer

This is going to be a fun one!




  1. Oh wow. How do working parents manage with that? Are there holiday clubs? (I know in the movies they all go on summer camps, but does that actually happen?)

    I’m struggling with the concept of 6 weeks coming up (assume it’s 6 weeks, anyway – maybe it’s more!), especially as their age gap is becoming more apparent at the moment, with Rosemary heading toward teendom and wanting to do a lot less imaginative play. At least Eleanor is coming along well in reading and is now picking up books to read on her own.

    Good luck and enjoy! xx

    • That’s quite a thing here actually and yes there are tons of holiday clubs. They vary from full time, part time and overnight for some. They have sports, science, craft, Summer School and everything you can think of. It is very necessary as most parents who work usually have not many paid holidays (I think the average is 10 days!).


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