Week one #78daysofsummer

Jun 9, 2015 | French Mango at Home, Life

Already a week gone and so far it has been lots of fun but more than anything, it has been amazing not to have to rush in the morning and wonder every single day what to pack for lunch… heaven!

I am starting to realize that we have passed a big milestone and the boys are much more independent than they used to be. For the first time since having them I really feel that we can spend days together without being in each others pockets all the time. I even find time just for myself which is very new. This surprisingly comes with mixed emotions, and I am a little bit saddened at the thought that my boys are growing and that they need far less of me than they used to.

Part of my bucket list is to document our first Summer in the USA with a photo a day so here is our first week. There’s been trips to the Library, the Cinema, the pool. There’s been friends at our house, quiet walks around the neighborhood, water fights, gardening and thunderstorms. There’s been story telling and hugs under a blanket watching cartoons. I can’t believe we have managed to fit so much in just a week but we are loving every single moments.



who knew the Tax Office could be this fun…


Taking very seriously choosing V’s birthday cake, even though it is in a month’s time

Water fight… that turned into a proper fight… might have to limit these.



Pool day with friends




Results of a visit at the Library
I vote for every restaurant to have a giant black board in the waiting area



Back at the Pool



These happen to be weeds and I spent ages admiring how lush they looked… until they started taking over the whole front garden

6/78 IMG_2021

This was a huge storm!


meanwhile the kids were showing the coaches how to swim…



Drawing lessons courtesy of YouTube


The results

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  1. Love the sonic, that needs framing. How ace and that pool. Oh I wish we had a pool we could stay at all day! Happy Summer. I am on count down, we have five weeks till summer here!


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