So, it seems I AM going to take a sabbatical! 

Aug 19, 2015 | French Mango at Home, Life

A week or so ago I touched on the idea of taking a sabbatical, a break from the pressure of self employment and give myself the permission to just stop putting goals in front of me at each and every occasion.
This idea is slowly becoming a reality. I have discussed it many times with C, my mum, my friends and it went from being a crazy idea, to a why not idea and now I am  putting things into place to make it work! I know right, that’s one of the craziest things I have done in a while (nothing like moving across an ocean of course).

However, who would have known that it would be such a hard decision to make. Why do I struggle so much with the idea of being just a homemaker (as they say on in the USA)?

I love the idea of making a home though, totally love it, and I have plans for it, tons of it. Actually so much that I am now trying to plan so that I don’t fall into the “all or nothing” trap that gets me all the time and for everything. I have learnt throughout the years that generally I am so passionate about what I do that I only stop when my mind and body can no longer go on, left in a complete state of overwhelm.

Another very important thing for me, is getting involved and immerse myself in the U.S. way of living. Last year I have felt like a spectator. I have watched from behind my windows. I have analyzed and tried to understand. This year I am ready to join the fun!

And of course there are all these other things I want to do like:

Grow a indoor plant collection and learn how to look after them (important that one if I want to keep my collection)

Make quilts for both boys

Be adventurous in the kitchen and try lots of new recipes

Tackle the lunchbox nightmare and become one of these who write “100 days of lunch boxes” type of posts (in my dreams)

Go to an oil painting and watercolor class.

Make jam, chutneys and ice cream

Meditate daily and practice mindfulness again

Make body creams and lotions

Go to yoga classes

Eat healthily and meal plan weekly

Turn into Gwyneth Paltrow (ha!)

Go for long dog walks everyday

Do online grocery shopping weekly

Have a regular “date night” with C

Do one sketch a day to practice technics and skills

Dab into illustration again

Start one of these coloring books for relaxation

This blog! I have tons of things I want to do with it!

Teach selflessly and generously whenever I can

Become a volunteer

Find myself again and figure out who I want to be

Avoid at all cost sad, depressing news and focus on the beauty of people and the world instead.

Oh my god and so much more, I could go on a sabbatical for years!


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