Anxious, excited, happy

Jul 14, 2016 | Life

I am a real stress ball today! So much is going on at the moment I can hardly breathe without this tightness in my chest.

First, V is due an ophthalmologist appointment and I have come to dread them. I always feel so anxious and worried they might find something sinister I make myself almost sick with worry beforehand. I have asked C to go this time because I need a break and I can get busy with other things rather than sit through the whole appointment waiting for the results.

His eyes have improved greatly since he started being treated in the US but I don’t know if it is the way they communicate but I always feel the improvements are not good enough.

Anyway, I deep down know everything is fine. His problem is genetic and his brother has a mild version of it so I know there is nothing else to it. It is just that I am a stress head really!

My state is not helped by that fact that we are so so so close to completing on our house. Today is our final inspection before signing tomorrow and we are all wishing that, for once, we could speed up time!


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