Life in bits and pieces – July 2016

Jul 28, 2016 | Life

July has come and gone in a flash.

We had been waiting for this month and counting days for weeks. One of the main reasons being that it is V’s birthday in July and he has delighted in asking repeatedly (and at times at the most inconvenient of times) “Maman, how many days are left before July??” So that month was hard to miss.

July 2016 however had something else very special… we bought a house!

Yes, just like that, with lots of signatures we became owners of a little bit of America. This was not in the plans so soon (actually it wasn’t in the plans at all for a long while) but a weekend away in a beautiful part of the world were enough to change our mind and to admit that life is rather sweet here.

And so, like everything happening in our life, within a week a house was found, an offer was accepted and the paperwork and admin party was declared open.
Oh and Pinterest boards (lots of them) were created! Revamping, remodeling isn’t that what every woman dream of?

I can’t wait to make this place a real home because quite frankly, the feeling of being neither here nor there was weighing me down. Being an expat is amazing in many ways but sometimes feeling like a “nomad” sucks… especially if you are a nomad for years!

Now, on the homeschool front, things have been slow. Ok so probably a good way to say it, is things haven’t really happened. The boys are not complaining as one can imagine, and I, well I am trying to find new exciting ways to learn because to be honest, before our break, we were all starting to drag our feet saying “I don’t want to do school…” every morning… Maybe me more than them come to think of it…

In the meantime we are celebrating Summer. We are swimming, eating ice creams and seeing friends until very soon things regain a sense of normality…



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