A rather special “back to school” day

Sep 2, 2016 | Life

Back to school this year was very special, mixed with emotions ranging from “YAY mummy is free again!!” to “no way my buddies are leaving me on.my.own!!”

Making the decision to homeschool was very tough but making the one of going back to school was heart wrenching to be honest.

From the moment we decided to give school a go, there were many sleepless nights that followed, many mornings waking up with the fear that we may be screwing up our kids with this school hockey cokey. What if it wasn’t working? Our reasons to homeschool were partly still existent and what difference that school could make? Would they be able to make things better than the previous one?

We were told by lots of people that this new school was amazing. “Amazing” hey? That’s a big word. Big shoes to fill for sure… After visiting it we agreed that it was worth giving it a chance.


Well, so far two weeks later our routine is looking pretty fine tuned. The boys have made BFF, then changed BFF a couple of times already. They have embraced this homework malarkey (don’t get me started on this), they are loving PE and Art classes, they think the Library is the most awesome place!

And I? well I am loving the fact that my kiddos seem happy and eager to go to school everyday. I like that they seem to have fun learning again. I miss not being the one involved in their learning as much as I used to. I love seeing their sweaty, exhausted, smiley faces at the end of a long school day.

This is all that matters to me right now.


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