Life in bits and pieces – Dec 2016

Dec 13, 2016 | French Mango at Home, Life

Shall I start with the weather?

It is the 13th of Dec, we have had two big snow falls, another one in the forecast for the weekend and an arctic blast heading our way… -27C (real feel) I haven’t missed you! Actually I would prefer it if you decided to go and bother someone else. At least, there is one silver lining, this time we have a fenced backyard which allows the dog to be out there all by himself.

The other great thing is the carpool for school drop off. I remember thinking that this was the funniest (weirdest) thing ever. I mean, can’t parents park and walk the kids to the door? Well, in this weather it is more than appreciated to wave your little ones from the comfort of your heated car. Good thinking USA, good thinking.

So now comes the moment when I tell you what happened in the last couple of months…

Well nothing extraordinary, but just exciting enough for me to share.

There has been the installation of windows in the darkest room ever. That room was a cave even on a brightest day. Having these windows installed (which, by the way, took only 3 hours to do, mind blowing right?) has now made it the brightest room of the house.

Then we also painted and revamped our front lounge and dining room. They both were a kind of brown and honestly it also made both rooms so dark!

In other news, Halloween happened with parties and lots of candies.

I also launched the Hoop Club and welcomed my first subscribers!

That was October design…


And December. This last one will be available until the end of the month, so if you want it you need to make sure you join for the free pattern.

We had Thanksgiving and before we could say it, the house turned into a Christmas wonderland (even the dog participated, very willingly I must add). We adopted the tradition of decorating right after Thanksgiving but this year it feels too early. Probably because it is!

By the way, did I mention that it snowed…

Ok so this look cute, but the temperatures are far from cute…

So now we are only a couple of weeks from Christmas and I am looking forward to spending quality time with all my boys. Just us, hot cocoa, fairy lights and good movies (and probably more snow…). Bring on the festivities, the new resolutions and the Champagne!


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