Dear 2016…

Jan 1, 2017 | Life

I mean, TWO THOUSAND AND SIXTEEN, wow what a year you’ve been.

You’ve made me grow, you’ve made me learn to trust myself, showed me that I could achieve what seemed unachievable and taught me to always doubt and challenge ideas and situations that I didn’t like. The brighter side might not be obvious but it is always there.

You made me slow down to breathe, draw, create, observe, love.

You’ve made me cry and worry for the future, but showed all of us that in the face of evil and adversity the words love, compassion and tolerance have been said far louder than ever before.

You’ve made me miss our beloved families and friends, our roots, the ones that gave me birth (France) and the ones that have adopted me (the U.K.). I have pinned for them, begged them to take me back, somehow, but then you gave me this gift of a tender hug in our new country. A new home and friends who mean to us more than they could ever think possible. Thanks to this I have realized that I will never not be a part of what I have left behind but I am now also growing as part of somewhere new and that it makes me very lucky.

Thank you for everything, each feeling, emotional ride, the ups and the downs. You’ve made me feel what it is to truly be alive and making the most of the time we have right here, right now (try to read this without breaking in that Fat Boy Slim song!) and I have become addicted to it.

As 2017 is just starting I have plenty of dreams but the biggest is to keep feeling alive as much as I do now and for you all who are reading, to find that something that does it to you if you haven’t found it yet.

From me to you with love,

Happy New Year!


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