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Apr 4, 2017

Spring is here, March is over, the first term of the year is gone and April is in full swing! Really?!

My intentions to inject discipline in anything I do has definitely helped me focus and achieve a few things already, except sticking to drinking more water and eating less chocolate… and keeping my inbox empty… and posting on this blog more than once in a blue moon… ok I am failing people, I am failing!

However one of my big goals this first term was to take a lot more photos and improve the quality of the pictures I take. This I have totally tried my best to stick to. I have taken a lot more photos especially since being part of the Makelight Membership. Emily and Stef constantly deliver nuggets of gold and I love that they do it in bitesizes easy to action. It is amazing how much more I understand my camera and composition. I am not going to lie though, I am finding really hard not to get frustrated when I struggle with finding the right light, angle, pretty prop, oh the props…! Practice makes perfect right? I guess I need to keep practicing…

Another thing I wanted to do this term was to work on the branding of French Mango and I was finally able to take the time to do just that. I totally recommend Fiona Humberstone’s book How to Style your Brand if you are thinking of doing the same! I cannot wait for the next one! It is a wonderful support for creative businesses.

As for personal milestones, my big boy turned 10. Don’t ask me how this is even possible! He is growing into such an amazing and complex person. I love that he is has his own identity and claims it which doesn’t stop him to feel insecure at times. He is kind, stubborn, funny, caring, short tempered, simply amazing.

So what is cooking for next term…

Well an Etsy store would be a good thing… I am slowly getting there. It is freaking me out a little bit if I am being honest. There is a difference between creating for yourself and creating on order and that is definitely something taking me out of my comfort zone.

And there is this blog, I want to feed it much more than I currently do. I want to write and write until my voice comes back and the joy to share returns. This is so so hard though. I feel like I have left it so long that I am not sure what I am supposed to sound like anymore… So the plan is to post something, anything, everyday for the next 30 days… You ask me where my post is when you don’t see one, deal?

And now for the recent snapshots…


In order of appearance:

  1. Sketching for the February Hoop Club
  2. Stitching
  3. Big Boy turning 10
  4. Blowing candles
  5. Writing Valentines Day card for school
  6. Gran in Chicago
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