The April Hoop Club Design is out!

Apr 10, 2017 | Embroidery, Hoop Club

For anyone who may not know, back in October I decided to launch a club for embroidery enthusiasts to either practice a skill they already had or to learn through simple stitches while making pieces they would be proud of.

Every month since I have been working on something new and send it to the members. This design is available for free download for one month only, until it is being replaced by a new one.

This month I chose a quote really close to my heart.

“Get lost and find yourself.”

A couple of years ago I got lost. I lost who I was, where I wanted to go and where I was coming from. We moved to Chicagoland from the suburbs of London in 2014 and through this not just our lifestyle changed but something much deeper along with it. The first year, I fought hard to hang on to what I had built professionally for years despite the fact that I was no longer enjoying it.

Until one day I decided to surrender.

I stopped with no plans at all.

I got very scared at first. What was defining me now? Who would I become?

So I started crafting, painting, sewing and stitching. It felt so good and rewarding and it slowly lead me to the “me” I am today, full of renewed dreams and plans.

I did get lost and found myself. A happier, calmer, much more serene myself and I don’t want to go back to the one I was before.

Do you want to join the Hoop Club? Just click on the image below!


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