Reviving an old friendship…

Jun 6, 2018 | Life, Wellbeing

You are not dreaming… and this site has not been hacked. I have just decided that after nearly 3 years of going on a sabbatical (!) it was time to get back to my old playground and blog again. I missed it so very much and I thought that, if after all this time and the many attempts at closing it for good had failed, it must have been for a reason. So here I am again… I guess the first thing I should write here should be an update. Three years seem like a lifetime yet it has gone in a flash. At the end of the Summer we will have been living in the USA for 4 whole years and the two little boys we have brought here with us, are now two big dudes. One is 11 and the other will be 10 in a few weeks. This means that this blog will also turn 10 in August. Wow! E will start Middle school next year (I am NOT crying… ok I am crying a little bit). He is ready, I am not sure I am. He has grown into this very cool person that I still love attacking with raspberries on his tummy, even if hates it. He is strong and gentle, caring, empathetic, hard working and fun, oh so much fun… V in many ways is still the same, vibrant, sunny, loud and totally lovely and in many other ways he is so different to the boy he was 3 years ago. He has matured so much. He knows the working of the heart and understands them. He is eternally in love, with life, games, and maybe even girls sometimes. He is not afraid to put his beautiful little heart to the test and it is equally wonderful and scary to watch. Me? Well, the sabbatical that I decided to take all these years ago has lead me to a new fun and exciting adventure. About 18 months ago I launched French Mango Design, where I currently design and sell Embroidery Kits. I love it. I truly do except that right this moment I am finding juggling a growing Creative Business with Motherhood rather challenging, so for the last few weeks it has been very calm and quiet on that front. And then on a personal level I have also been going through a challenging time… you know the old question “who am I?”…”Who do I want to be?”… “Where do I find the energy I need to make it all happen?”…”Where is my red Ferrari?” But hey, this will pass, right? So what will this next phase of blogging bring? To be totally honest, I have absolutely not a clue. I haven’t really thought of any particular direction other than just chatting about the mundane, the exciting and all the things in between that make life quite a pleasant and exhilarating adventure to ride. Let’s see, shall we?


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