A word (or three) for 2019

Jan 3, 2019 | Life

For the last few years I have been doing what most people seem to be doing, pick a word supposed to support and remind me of what I desire most for the coming year.

I always tend to choose emotions or feelings and this year is no different. I choose to feel Serenity… and Joy… and Faith. One of them or all of them really. I can’t decide which one or if they are connected to such a level that they cant be separated…

2018 has been trying at a personal level. My health anxiety has gone totally out of hand, like a toddler losing his shit in the middle of the candy aisle and you end up rocking in the corner crying and begging for it to stop. I have had to surrender fully to feelings I spent a huge amount of time fighting until I realized that I had to accept they were there and that they were a part of me. The next step had been trying to “domesticate” them. Remind the toddler of who is in charge and to take control.

All of it has been tough.

Creativity has been a savior. The support I have received from my closest people and from unexpected sources has been another. Being abandoned by people I thought were rocks in my life has been painful but taught me lessons… I will soon discover which ones, I am sure!

My intention is to make 2019 a year of absolute serenity, to look for Joy in every little things and to have an unshakable faith that everything will always work out fine in the end.

I am not making new year’s resolutions.

No, instead I commit to taking one day at a time, make the most of each one, worry less, enjoy the little things more and get the link to this post pop up on my screen at the most unexpected time throughout the whole year.

Now let’s go and make memories people!

Happy New Year!


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