A new Summer…

Jun 30, 2019 | Life

It’s like we have gone full circle and here we are June 2019.

First of all let me take this in… June 2019… in two month it will be 11 years since I wrote my first blog post. 11 years that I sat down with a newborn on my lap and tapped away on my old Toshiba. Little did I know back then that this simple act was going to change so much in my life so “Happy almost-blogannivesary to me!!” with all the celebration cakes and drinks emojis included!

The boys have finished school for the Summer a couple of weeks ago and we closed our Elementary School chapter for good at the same time. V finished 5th grade with a graduation and a fire drill at the end. It caused all the chaos and excitement you can imagine and once it settled, traditional celebratory colored ice cream were had.

It is quite crazy to think that we are done with Elementary school… I am way too young to be the mother of two Middle schoolers, waaayy too young! However to be honest, I am ready for it and I am happy to be done with it, ready to embrace a new era. I think we all are.

But first, Summer! One that is full of lie ins, swims and vitamin D inducing. We are going to Canada this year and it is our first road trip that way. I can’t wait to spend 10 hours with my kids in a car. No, ok just kidding, what I can’t wait for is to be passed the 10 hours drive to Toronto to discover and enjoy somewhere new not that far from home…

It should be good…


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