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Jul 4, 2019 | French Mango at Home, Home, Home Decor

This month we will be celebrating 3 years in our home.

The process of buying here in the USA had been quite an emotional ride. Originally I didn’t want to buy. It felt like we were giving up on the idea of ever going back to Europe and I was not having it. Of course that was a rubbish idea, but it was what it was. Making a home here meant that I was agreeing to staying here FOREVER.

It took a trip to beautiful Door County and something clicked. Something that told me that maybe I needed a house that would make me feel at home. My cocoon. Our personal corner in this world, that would become our own country… I know all these thoughts may be hard to get for some people, but I am sure some will understand exactly what I mean.

When we stepped into this house for the first time, it felt like someone wrapped their arms around me and said welcome home and it felt like home. I still remember the softness of the carpet under my feet, the spacious rooms, the ability to visualize us in here throughout each season.

We found out later on that the family that left had a very similar story to ours. Two boys with the same age difference as ours grew up here. These people loved Europe, good food, wine and a party and you could see that the whole house had been setup to host a good one.

When we moved in, like most people do, we rushed through getting work done and settled. Now as I look through the rooms, there are corners that are crying for some attention. But you know what it is like, once you are used to your surroundings you get on with your mundane every day life and promise to “get back to it later”.

It is time to get back to it. Time to rethink our home and put intentions behind every action. Time to mood board like crazy and give this house a real personality.

My first project will be one of the bug bears I have been putting off since the beginning… the downstairs bathroom!


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