Home improvements and intense frustration!

Jul 10, 2019 | French Mango at Home, Home, Home Decor

I can’t tell you how frustrating this week has been… the boys have been at a skates board camp all week right in the middle of the day and with all the other activities I have been Uber riding like a pro, except that the riders didn’t tip well and at times they were just plain rude…

I started the downstairs bathroom makeover last weekend but unfortunately, due to a unexpected, and by that read compulsive trip to IKEA, we were not able to finish with some key part of the projects, ie the toilet sat in the hallway and the wall light on the dining table all week… So I spent that whole time moaning over the state of the house and how stuck I was until this was fixed.

However last night we finally finished the biggest part of it and it started looking pretty good!

We literally can see the light!


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