Is this the sweet spot?

Jul 21, 2019 | French Mango at Home, Life

Is this the sweet spot?

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Since having kids there hasn’t been a moment as enjoyable as this one. Not that I haven’t loved the ride with these 2 boys of mine but it has certainly been this, a ride. And in an attempt for transparency, “love” is certainly not the word I would choose for all of it. The ups have been very good and the down have been exhausting, draining even.

But now, right now, it feels amazingly good.

At the grand age of 11 and 12 we have the best of time. Their true personality is almost sprouting in front of our very own eyes. They can hold long deep reflections on life and can give and take a good banter. They are clever with words and suddenly seem to get sarcasm.

They complete and balance each other. They are the Yin to the other Yang…

Their independence is growing tenfold everyday. They might still not make their own bed but E can make a fine tea with the perfect amount of milk and V gives wonderful foot massages.

They are caring and will always make you feel better pulling the tricks they are great at. One, holding your hand telling you it will all be fine, the other clowning around, desperate to take your mind into a circus of fun and colors.

The privilege of sharing these moments and our every days might not last a lifetime but while I am holding onto it, I will cherish all the gifts it has to give…


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