Hallway remodel, the reveal!

Aug 28, 2019 | French Mango at Home, Home, Home Decor

Ha! I always loved how dramatic it sounds when bloggers announce that your mind is going to be blown off by a before and after photo of their interior! Well to be fair, I am one to love a good before and after photo.

On this occasion however you will probably be not that impressed because if you have been following me on Instagram I have already shared it all with you (rolling eyes emoji inserted right here).

But anyway, let’s recap.

Since moving into our house the entryway and downstairs bathroom had been neglected. Let’s be honest, these are not places where you tend to stop for a while and consequently they ended up falling at the bottom of the to do list.

Until a couple of weeks ago during the Summer break when I woke up one day, got the kids dressed, announced that our field trip of the morning was going to be Home Depot. I made sure they understood that, while there, the minute I’d catch one of them play with anything long and sharp pretending to decapitate the other, there will be all screen privileges removed for the foreseeable future.

We got there, picked up a few paint samples. E enjoyed having an opinion on the different shades of greens. The ones that looked like a fresh prairie. The ones that looked like cow poop. The ones that looked like someone couldn’t hold back their dinner… he was thanked and sent back to broom brushes to practice his ninja moves on his brother.

Meanwhile I picked up fresh paint brushes with the same feeling I used to get when picking fresh writing pads at the beginning of each school year…

Anyway I am going to cut the long story, pretty much everything got a makeover.

The dresser…

The bench…

The door, the wall, the new rug… everything! Oh and by the way, lets take a minute to reflect on THE rug, from Ruggable, claiming to be stain resistant and machine washable. I haven’t have to wash it yet so can’t garantee the results but how awesome to have something like this in a Hallway!

So here we go, the final result! 


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