Embroidery 101 – Your Embroidery Thread

Oct 2, 2019 | Creativity, Embroidery, Embroidery 101, Hoop Club

Today I would like to take some time focussing on working with your Embroidery Thread. Afterall it is one of the most, if not THE MOST important material you will use to create a beautiful embroidery piece.

When choosing you will need to think in terms of quality. The cheapest threads on the market may save you some money but you may end up frustrated and unhappy with the end result. These threads tend to be harder to work with, knot more and the colors look flat.

You will also need to know that some brands are not colorfast and will bleed all over your item if washed.

The brand that I use is DMC and although they may not be the only great quality thread on the market it is a popular one that’s easy to find pretty much everywhere.

There are many types of threads available and if you would like to read more about them I invite you to read this article as it covers the subject thoroughly.

However here today I will cover how to work with the main one I work with, stranded embroidery cotton or embroidery floss. It comes in a skein of 6 strands of threads loosely twisted, about 8 yards long. It is also available in satin and metallic threads.

Below you will find videos on how to pull the floss from the skein without making knots, how to separate threads and how to knot the end of your thread.

How to pull the thread without making knots

How to separate strands

How to knot the end of your thread

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