Have I told you how much I love Autumn…?

Oct 4, 2019 | Expat Living, French Mango at Home, Home, Home Decor, Life

We have been living in the Midwest for just over 5 years now and I can honestly say that I have fallen in love with Autumn here. There is something absolutely magical about this time of the year that I have never experienced in the same way in the UK or even France.

This amazing soft switch between Summer and Autumn, between hot and cool, is a delight.

For years and years I have loved December. The radio tuning in to Mariah Carey, Egg Nog lattes, the bright colors, the Christmas Parties, Christmas Markets, the Pantomimes … When we moved to the USA, it was gone. The Christmases as I knew and loved them were gone and for a while I resented it. I missed them so much, it ached every time we reached that time of the year.

But then I fell in love with Autumn and joy was restored.

I absolutely love how Americans embrace the season. The decorations, Halloween Parties, the fun and anticipation at finding the perfect costume to wear on the 31st October. The smell of pumpkin spice and cinnamon (that I wasn’t a fan of before!), the Apple Pies.

I love how families and friends gather and celebrate and somehow what I used to love about December then, has been switched to October.

Soon, nature will turn to all those deep red, pink, yellow and orange that I love so much. It won’t last very long but it will feel amazing.

Autumn wreaths will hang on every door and halloween decor will start appearing in most front yards.

The yearly Pumpkin Patch visit, with its delicious apple cinnamon donuts will be marked on calendar.

Candles and fairy lights will be lit most nights and we are finally going to wear jumpers.

The traditional argument over how many halloween costumes can one buy in one year will be had.

And the dog will perfectly fit in with the decor…


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