The Spring Stitch Along has started!

Apr 24, 2020 | Embroidery

If you are familiar with the Stitch Along, you will know that early this year, I have decided that through every season in 2020, I want to take you on a journey to discover or practice Embroidery. I never thought that the Spring version would take such an emotional dimension.

I launched the Spring Stitch Along as we started our 5th week in confinment and its core mission to provide a space for relaxation and mindfulness suddenly took a much deeper meaning.

Covid 19 is making its way through our whole planet, affecting us in ways we could have not imagined before.

After the first couple of weeks it took to grasps the importance of the situation, a lot of us are now having to face hardship that comes with job loss, worries for loved ones, fear for the future and what it will bring, feelings of loneliness and missing human presence and touch and so much more…

Now more than ever, we are having to work harder at keeping our heads high while battling with dark thoughts.

To lose ourselves in a creative activity can provide so much relief so to know that for a lot of the Spring Stitch Along participants, a little stitching everyday helps them relax and forget, is what this is all about.

Thank you so much!

I was really touched to learn about how you were introduced to embroidery. I started stitching last summer and have been doing it more and more through this pandemic.

I am a nurse on the front lines in San Diego, CA and I find such joy and stress relief in stitching. It takes my mind off the heartache I see at work, and on the news.


Thanks for brightening my day!



I want to thank everyone who has taken the time to tell me how much this means to them. I know now, that it started for YOU and I am humbled and grateful to be a part of this, especially when it is so easy to feel a little helpless when so many people are out there on the frontline. So thank you!

Thank you health care providers, shop assistants, delivery people, bus drivers and many more… thank you for making our stay at home safer and more bearable…

The Stitch Along is and will remain a FREE project because I want to make sure noone holds back because they can’t afford it. You can join at anytime, just fill the form below to access your pattern and instructions. All the videos will remain hosted here

 And if you are new and want to jump on board, I look forward to welcoming you! 



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