One week into the Summer Stitch Along…

Aug 9, 2020 | Embroidery, French Mango at Home, Life

And what a week it has been! The wonderful and talented Jessica Turner of The Mom Creative gave me a huge shout out, sending over no less than 300 new followers my way and wow, how exciting that was to see so many new faces and generate so many sweet and encouraging conversations… My heart is full of the generosity of people.

The Summer Stitch Along is now well and truly in full swing and even if each time it turns into quite an intense affair I wouldn’t change it for the world. I enjoy it way too much.

Remember you can join at anytime, so make sure you head over here to read more and claim your free pattern. In the meantime this is what we stitched this week.

Summer Stitch Along week one

In other news, well… not much really, pandemic and all means that life very well revolves around these 4 walls and I won’t hide that there are moments when is really miss 2019! I want to feel free again, to be able to sit at a dinner table not worrying about anything other than what I am going to eat. I want to pop into shops just because, to browse and touch and not sanitize 100 times a day. I am fed up of masks that irritates your nose and stops us share a smile or even hear a joke properly! How many times do you ask people to repeat?

I want to keep faith that we are all going to be ok, I want to stay positive and I generally have been doing well, but I can feel the positivity slowly wear off.

Not having been able to go anywhere, or welcome my nieces or mum from France or even plan a trip away is starting to make me feel like I am stuck here and missing home even more… BUT it is going to be ok, that’s all we can hang on to right now I guess so safe friends, it is going to be alright!


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