Stitch in Focus; the Satin Stitch

Sep 28, 2020 | Creativity, Embroidery, Embroidery 101

Stitch in Focus; the Satin Stitch

by | Sep 28, 2020 | Creativity, Embroidery, Embroidery 101

So, you are at the beginning of your Embroidery journey and you would like to learn?

I want to help you and that’s why I am starting a series on the various stitches that you will want to learn in order to practice this craft. 

I also wanted to illustrate this series by showing you how each stitch can be used to produce a beautiful piece of art. 

We start today with the Satin stitch, an easy embroidery stitch that consists in filling a shape with threads. 

Below you  will find a video, followed by an illustrated tutorial and you will also find a link to a hoop that I have designed especially to help you practice while creating something lovely to hook up on your wall. 

Have fun and ask away if you have any question! 

The Satin Stitch in video

The Satin Stitch Illustrated

Illustrations, text and photos are by Peggy Poyser for French Mango. No external use or reproduction, in whole or in part is authorised without the permission of its author.

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The Satin Stitch in Action

Here is a showcase of the Satin Stitch in action. 

If you would like to purchase this pattern in 2 sizes, with its embroidery guide, click on the image to be redirected. 

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