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Jan 19, 2021 | Embroidery, Keep it Simple, Wellbeing

Have you ever dreamed of feeling composed, productive, calm and relaxed in the mist of everything going on?

Have you ever marveled at the idea of a house permanently put together, laundry caught up to and a fridge constantly hosting exactly what you need to prepare the delicious meals you have planned in advance?

Yeah, me too…

2020 if anything has really pushed us to our limits and I personally had to reassess the way I am living my life, parenting my kids, running my home and a business just to survive.

I have spent pretty much most of last year looking like a rabbit caught in headlights realizing that with everything going on in the world, having everyone at home needing food all the time and plans and projects of my own, something had to give.

At the end of the Summer I came to the conclusion that my permanent state of overwhelm, anxiety and tiredness was due to the fact that I am, let’s call it what it is, shit at simplifying. 

I hold perfection to such a stupidly high level, that I exhaust myself before I even start so for the last few months I have been extremely focused on “simplifying, planning and systemizing” everything and holy guacamole, it’s like I have met the Dalai Lama!

So now, it is only normal that I feel invested of this mission to shout it out everywhere I can, because let me tell you, I am in such a different, calmer space that I want you to be in there too!

And what better way to share this journey to ease and peacefulness, than to blog about it, right? So shortly you will see an extra tab where I am going to record the ups and downs and the nuggets I find along the way to this new collected me.

The mantra “Keep it simple” imposed itself to me when I sat down to reflect on 2020. No other word could have been as adequate for 2021 and the hoop followed, made to be displayed right by my side and to remind me to stop complicating things.

From now on, instead of asking myself “what more can I do about something/anything?” I am going to ask “How can I simplify this?” remembering that simplifying doesn’t mean to make it less perfect, but more that it means extracting the treasures by removing all the unnecessary fuss…

Do you want to stitch it for yourself or someone you love? You can find the pattern and embroidery guide at the link below so let’s simplify together! (regardless of how corny it sounds…) 

The download includes patterns sized differently to fit a 8″ or an 10″ wooden hoop but you can also showcase your art work it in a picture frame and it would also work perfectly transferred on other products such as cushion covers, tote bags, quilts, etc.

I also include the “flipped” patterns to fit all transfer methods.

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