Beautiful Modern Paint by number kits by independent artists

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Fulfill a lifelong dream of becoming the artist you’ve always aspired to be with these gorgeous Paint by Number kits.

In one of my wildest dreams I am painting beautiful and colorful masterpieces. The problem is that when I want to try my hand at painting is that I freeze.

My mind goes mushy and I freak out looking at the white canvas. The fear of doing it wrong stops me from doing anything at all and I know they say that you have to launch into it and practice makes perfect but in my 48 years on this planet I have never been able to truly abandon myself in painting.

I love sketching and I believe it is because I can quickly erase something I don’t like and try again, something I am seeing as very hard to do with painting.

In an attempt to break away from this, I thought that maybe trying a beautiful paint by numbers kit might help and I have shorlisted 5 that I really like and would love to see on my walls.

I thought that sharing is caring and that you might like to give it a go yourself.

Hope you like them!



paint by number kit, Summer Meadow by Elyse Breanne

I adore everything from Kitty McCall! She creates the most beautiful and colorful universe with bold strokes of paint.

This Toucan is dreamy!


Here is another one I am a massive fan of, Hebe Studio. the way she uses colors to paint landscapes is amazing.


Millie Illustrates<br />
_Paint by numbers

Millie Illustrates also uses bright bold colors to paint beautiful scenery. Here is a paint by number of Sicily, isn’t this so pretty?


This one is from a someone I didn’t know until I started reseraching for this post. It is from Ceyda Alasar for MonaMai. I greatly invite you to visit her website to view more of her work which is lovely.

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