Dear Pattern Designer,

First of all, thank you very much for your interest and for wanting to be part of the generous people who are willing to donate an exclusive piece to fundraise and support the work of amazing charities around the world.

Patterns are curated following strict guidelines that you can download here.

Please also review our Manifesto to ensure that you feel comfortable with it and consider not applying if you feel it goes against your own values and beliefs system. We want all parties to feel 100% at ease with each other, so there are absolutely no judgments if you decide not to take this further.

I want to be totally transparent through the process. I never decline submission for personal reasons and I will always explain exactly the reasons why it is declined.  Whenever possible and if you wish to, I will also offer feedback to help you make changes, but again this will need to be your choice as you should be in total control of how you decide to grow your business.

With all this said, here are some questions for you to answer to help me with this process and don’t forget to review the list of what will be expected from you should you become a contributor. The guidelines, Manifesto and list of what is expected from you are all linked below the form and please never hesitate to ask me anything if you have questions.

I am looking forward to getting to know you!

Peggy x



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Thank you!