Click on the images to download and print the patterns

List of recommended supplies

  • A wooden hoop
  • An embroidery needle
  • A frixion pen (heat disappearing ink) or some water soluble paper
  • Fabric
  • A pair of sharp scissors
  • Thread – please refer to the color references below if you want to follow the same colors or pick the colors you like best.

To Assemble your garland

  • A cloth to use when ironing
  • You need some craft fuze like this one  to provide some rigidity to your ornament
  • Some heavy duty wonder under to fuse the backing and the stitched fabric
  • Some heavy felt or similar to add an extra layer. It is not entirely necessary but it is useful.
  • Anti Fray Glue like this if it appears necessary
  • Some cord or ribbon to hold your letters 
  • a glue gun or some fabric glue to assemble your garland 

Color Reference

Tips to get started

Here they are:

★ Print your pattern on normal paper or on water soluble paper if you decide to use that method.

★ Iron your fabric and let it cool down fully before tracing or sticking the paper.

★ If you choose to trace your pattern, pin the fabric to your piece of paper and look for light source that enables you to see the lines in transparency well enough.

For more detailed help on how to trace your pattern see the tutorials at this link Embroidery 101