Here is your Pattern!

Download and print your pattern and the stitch and color reference

Click on the images below to open and download your files.

Please respect the work of artists and under no circonstances share the direct link to this page or pin to Pinterest.

I am very grateful for your support and respect of my work and if you would like a friend to also have access to this pattern or would like to promote it outside of this website please use the following link only Get Lost and Find Yourself

Your suggested shopping list

Here is a list of supplies that I suggest you get before we start.

  • A piece of fabric 12×12″
  • Embroidery needle
  • A hoop 9 or 10″
  • Either a water soluble marker or a frixion pen to transfer your pattern to your fabric
  • A pair of sharp embroidery scissors
  • Some Embroidery threads of the color of your choice

What next?

Here are a couple of post to get you up and ready with the challenge!

What Supplies do you need to start

How to transfer your Pattern

Your Embroidery thread

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