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At the beginning of 2020 I decided to create a stitch along for each season. The idea is simple: you grab your free pattern and you stitch a new small pattern everyday of the week following the video I post each day or your own instinct. We take a break during the weekend to allow you to catch up in case life happens.

So far we have stitched through Winter, Spring and Summer. The next Stitch Along will start on the 19 October 2020 and you can make sure you are notified and ready by signing up. All you need to so is enter your name and email in the form below and as soon as the pattern and instructions are ready you will be notified! 

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Frequently asked questions

Can I join in at anytime?

All the 2020 Stitch Alongs are free and you can join in at anytime, even passed the launch date. I don’t intend to sell the pdf patterns nor to remove the videos in the near future.

During the Stitch Along, videos are being posted on the site, IGTV and Youtube every week day. Once the Stitch Along is finished the videos continue to be available everywhere they have been posted.  

What do I need to participate?

Once you fill in the form and confirm your email, you receive the link to the pattern to download as well as a suggested shopping list (you may already own a lot of the supplies).

You will also get a couple of tutorials on how to get you up and ready to start stiching, including tips on how to choose your supplies and how to transfer your pattern on fabric.

Aside of this all you need is access to the videos. 

Why is it free?

Because I would like to spread the word as far and wide as I possibly can and every time you share this with one of your family and friends you help me do just this.

I love the idea of making Hand Embroidery as accessible as possible to many.

Also because every time you decide to download the free pattern you allow me to keep in touch with you personally and share more about what I do as well as special offers, new tutorials and new Stitch Along announcements.

And so this, is my Thank you to you!

Where can I find the previous Stitch Along?

So far we have stitched Winter and Spring and you can find them by clicking on the links below:

Winter Sticth Along

Spring Stitch Along

For each you will need to submit your name and email address in order to receive the free pattern. Once you get it and you are set up to start you can come back to these pages to follow with the video tutorials.

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