Add a Touch of Joy to Your Holiday Décor with these Nutcracker themed Cross stitch ornaments!

Enhance your stitching projects with our delightful Christmas cross stitch patterns. Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or just starting out, these patterns are perfect for all skill levels.

Keep it Simple

Do you want to stitch it for yourself or someone you love? You can find the pattern and embroidery guide at the link below so let’s simplify together! (regardless of how corny it sounds…) 

Transfer a pattern without tracing

Learn how to transfer an embroidery pattern without having to trace it using water dissolvable paper and a printer.

Stitch these Christmas Cacti with me!

Practice Embroidery with this Christmas PDF pattern, full embroidery guide and video tutorials.

The Autumn Stitch Along is finished

Learn and practice Embroidery with this cute FREE Autumn Stitch Along. Stitch 15 little representations of Autumn with video tutorials and illustrations.

Stitch in Focus; the Satin Stitch

So, you are at the beginning of your Embroidery journey and you would like to learn? I want to help you and that's why I am starting a series on the various stitches that you will want to learn in order to practice this craft.  I also wanted to illustrate this series...

On filling my own cup…

Hey, what's up, yo! Ok, that sounds weird. My kids would probably cringe in a corner, should they witness this moment... Weird and empty, that's how I have been feeling in the last few weeks. This is the first time, ever, that I can't even stand my own self. I don't...

One week into the Summer Stitch Along…

And what a week it has been! The wonderful and talented Jessica Turner of The Mom Creative gave me a huge shout out, sending over no less than 300 new followers my way and wow, how exciting that was to see so many new faces and generate so many sweet and encouraging...

Summer Stitch Along

We are ready to launch! The Summer Stitch Along will start next Monday 03rd August 2020 with Day 1. I am so excited about it, although I have to say that I have given myself a lot of hard time about it. I wanted to release it 3 weeks ago but the overwhelm with...

The Spring Stitch Along has started!

Learn and practice embroidery with bitesize designs and daily video tutorials. It is free to participate!

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