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We start recording the stitching process live on Monday 07th Dec at 10am CST. Once the video is ready it will be uploaded to this area for you to access at anytime.

Each video covers the stitch and method used to fill one specific area of the hoop, the colors that I used and the number of threads. When necessary or appropriate there will also be a link to the illustrated stitch tutorials. 

Day 1 

Today we stitch the body, face, hair and the wings of the ballerina.

We are stitching it all with a Satin Stitch and we use colors:

  • DMC 948 or DMC 712 for the body and face
  • DMC 739 for the hair
  • DMC 819 for the wings 

We use 3 strands of thread for each one.

Day 2 

Today we stitched the Tutu of the ballerina with a Long and short stitch for the top half and French Knots for the bottom. 

Alternatively you can stitch it all in satin stitch if you feel more comfortable with it. 

We used 3 strands of thread of colors DMC 352 for the bottom and DMC 353 for the top.

Day 3

Today we started stitching the Mouse and the Nutcracker.

For both we stitched the boots in black using 3 strands of DMC310. We used two strands of the same black to stitch the belts and one strand to stitch the eyes, moustache and eyebrows.

We used 3 strands of DMC712 to stitch the ears of the Mouse and the hair of the Nutcracker. 

Finally we used 3 strands of DMC739 to stitch the hands and the faces of both characters. 

For all we used a Satin Stitch. 

Day 4

⁣We continued stitching this hoop today by adding colors to the hats and jackets of the Mouse and the Nutcracker.
For the Mouse, we used DMC 353 for the hat and DMC 352 for the jacket.
For the nutcracker we used DMC 3817 for the jacket and DMC3816 for the top of the hat.

For all we stitched in Satin Stitch with 3 strands of thread. 

Day 5

⁣We finished this week stitching the clothes of the mouse and the nutcracker.

We’ve done this with 3 strands of color DMC 712. For the clothes of the nutcracker and the mouse we did a satin stitch. ⠀⠀
For the collar of the mouse we used a French Knot and filled the hole shape with it. If you are not comfortable with the French knot, then switch to a satin stitch or a long and short stitch. ⠀

Day 6

We’re starting week two of the Stitch along with the tree. We are stitching it with a satin stitch and I am using color reference DMC 733, using three strands at a time. ⠀

Day 7

⁣Today was Day 7 of our nutcracker Stitch a Along, and we stitched the little gifts at the bottom of the tree and the basket that the tree sits on. ⠀

To do so we mainly stitched in a satin stitch using three strands for everything apart from the bows on top of the gifts that were done in a Turkish knot. ⠀

The color references that I’m using here are DMC 3820, 3816, 3817, 819, 891 and 3706.

Day 8

Today we stitched the flowers and leaves that ornate the bottom of the globe and you can still catch up at any time!⠀

We used the same color that we have used before. For the green we used DMC 733 and for the flowers DMC 3706, DMC 891 and DMC 3820. ⠀

We stitched the leaves with a herringbone Stitch and a satin stitch and a few French knots for the flowers. ⠀
You can leave the French knots if it’s not for you just do a satin stitch. ⠀

Day 9

Today we stitched all the crowns and the star as well as the buckles and the boots of our nutcrackers. We’ve been working with the golden thread from DMC. This can be a tricky thread to use, so follow along if you want to use it as a give a few tips on how to use it and keep some sanity. ⠀

As I say today there is definitely a relationship of love and hate going on with that thread. I love the way it looks but it is sometimes a pain to work with. However the finished look is something else when you use it. ???? ???? ⭐ ⠀

Have a try and if really you don’t want to, I suggest that you use color DMC3820 as an alternative which will give you a golden yellow finish as well. But of course a lot of other colors would work so the choice is yours. ⠀

Day 10

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