Welcome and a big heartfelt thank you for being here! 

My name is Peggy, Founder of French Mango. Some of you may know me already for my Embroidery Patterns, tutorials and seasonal stitch along.

Back in 2015 after our family relocated from London to Chicago. Back there, I was running my business as an Online Marketing Consultant but closed everything when we left desperate for a fresh start.

A few weeks after landing Stateside, I found myself home alone with the dog, stuck indoors and going through our first Midwest Winter… if you know, you know! The cold that freezes the inside of your nostrils? Yes, that’s the one!

Returning to a creative life saved me from sinking into a deep identity crisis and feeling like Billy no mates. 

What started as a selfish pleasure, became my way of connecting to a larger community.

A community that shared the same needs and passion and suddenly the world became a wonderful playground.

A few years later, I hit a wall and realized that as much as I loved it, I needed something different and through The Handmakers Academy I reconnected with supporting small business owners to launch and grow their own creative business. 

Yet I wasn’t ready to let got of French Mango and creativity.

This is when I started dreaming of a way of collaborating with amazing embroidery pattern designers to create a community around Embroidery that would give back. 

What you see now is a shop with a difference. 

French Mango is now supporting a different charity every quarter and to know which charity we are currently raising funds for, please head over to this page

What you need to know

As a buyer, each time you purchase a pattern, not only you get to enjoy a piece that has been exclusively designed for French Mango but 40% of your payment is donated to the charity we are supporting at the time of the purchase. 

As a Designer who contributes by creating an exclusive piece to French Mango, not only you are giving but you are also not receiving by being part of something greater and by expanding your reach and growing your own shop. 

Now, can you see what the power of collaboration can do? This is the feeling that fires me up and I hope to be able to light your spark in the process!

So are you ready to shop?

Click here to browse the amazing collection of patterns currently in store! 

Or would you like to donate a pattern?

If you are a pattern designer and you would like to contribute an exclusive piece, please get in touch via the form here and I will be in touch asap! 

Again thank you for taking the time to be here and never hesitate to get in touch if you have any question, 


Peggy x 


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