Winter Stitch Along


Welcome to Day 7 of the Stitch Along Challenge!

Today we are stitching the lovely woolly socks.

If you have ordered the kit, you will notice that my recommended stitch are Satin and Long and Short stitch, however I have changed the rules slightly with this one and decided to fill the socks with a Chain stitch instead.

All this means for you is that you can pick one or the other or both (odd socks anyone? that could look cute too!).

I know we haven’t covered the Long and Short stitch yet so I will also link the stitch tutorial here.

The Chain stitch is fairly simple once you get the hang of it and I love how it mimicks a knitted pattern.

So this is entirely up to you, just remember you are here to have fun, learn and enjoy, so do whatever it takes to make it happen! 

Below you will find the video for today.

Have fun and don’t forget to share your work using the hashtag #FMStitchAlong on Instagram or if you prefer, add a photo of your work in the comment thread of the daily post on the Facebook page.

I look forward to seeing your work!


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