Winter Stitch Along Embroidery Kit

Learn or practice Embroidery with the

Winter Stitch Along Kit

Do you want to learn embroidery but you don’t know where to start? Or maybe you are an experienced embroiderer in need of some inspiration?

This embroidery sampler comes with a video tutorial for each one of mini design on this hoop and takes you through all the steps to stitch this hoop to completion.

Difficulty Level

This kit is designed for beginners but suitable for all levels. 

Full Description

Each season for during 2020, I am running a Stitch Along challenge design to teach and build up embroidery skills while providing the daily enjoyment of taking time out for yourself. 

Beginners will be able to learn many basic stitches and practice them while more advanced embroiderer will be able to take a little time daily to practice a skill they may have neglected for a little while. 

I would love you to join regardless of your ability and share your daily work with me, so that we can gather around this project, get to know each other and build a little corner of the internet where we all meet.

This challenge is FREE! you can join in at anytime, claim your free pattern and view the video tutorials here. When you share your email address you autorize me to send you more information on coming projects. 

Althoug you don’t need to purchase the kit to take part and you may want to source out your own supplies, you may also want to purchase all in one place so I’ve got you covered and I have put together this kit.

What this Kit Contains

When you purchase this kit you will receive

  • Fabric
  • Needle
  • Threads
  • Pattern to trace
  • Erasable Pen
  • A very comprehensive embroidery guide with steps from getting started, transferring your pattern, stitching each design and how to finish your hoop.
  • An illustrated Stitch Glossary with all the stitches we will be using explained step by step.

You will also get access to the videos guiding you through all the steps to completion.


Please note the wooden hoop is not included, therefore, you will need to get a 9″ or 10″ wooden hoop.